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Dicover Belitung Island, Indonesia
Belitung is an island on the east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia in the Java Sea. The island is known for its pepper and for its tin. The main tourist destinations are beaches and offshore islands/islets. The beaches are Tanjung Tinggi Beach and Tanjung Kelayang Beach, both of which have clear blue water, sand, and rocky beaches.

Tanjung Pandan City, Belitung – Indonesia
Tanjung Pandan is a city on the island of Belitung which is the largest city as well as the capital of Bangka Belitung Province. As one of the largest tin-producing cities in the country, Tanjung Pandan has always been a place for the intermingling of citizens so that the multicultural feelings are felt. You will see it from some typical Chinese buildings from the house of the people to the house of worship, as well as the type of food. Tanjung Pandan is now a small town center of government and economic community in Belitung Island. Since the rise of film “Laskar Pelangi” the city is increasingly visited by tourists who want to see the beauty of Belitung directly. There are various tourist destinations in Tanjung Pandan that can be visited, whether it is to play on the beach or diving and snorkeling. You are a hobby of photography will be satisfied here because the granite, sea, and sky is so iconic. In Tanjung Pandan City there are major tin mining companies offices. Therefore, HAS.Hanandjoeddin Airport and Tanjung Pandan Port are so busy as the gateway to the ships from and to Belitung Island carrying the goods of the population

Tips Tour Belitung :

  1. Towards Tanjung Pandan can be reached via flight from Singapore, Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta (CGK), Hang Nadim Airport Batam (BTH), Pangkal Pinang Airport Tanjung Pandan (PGK) and Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport Palembang (PLM) with destination to HAS Hananjoeddin Airport Tanjung Pandan (TJQ). Airlines that serve the flight path to Tanjung Pandan are Citilink, Lion Air, Sriwijaya, Nam Air (Sriwijaya), and Garuda Indonesia.
  2. You can also depart from the island of Bangka to Tanjung Pandan on the island of Belitung by sea. There are two routes that serve the purpose to Tanjung Pandan. The closest the first route from Pangkal Balam port on Pangkal Pinang Bangka island to Tanjung Pandan harbor in Belitung. For this route you can use the jetfoil Express Bahari across the Gaspar Strait. Long journey approximately 4-6 hours. The second route from the port of Tanjung Priok Jakarta to the port of Tanjung Pandan. You can use KM. Lawit from PELNI with the duration of the journey is more or less intermittent
  3. Interesting holiday activities on the island of Belitung
    Leboong Island Trip
    Take the boat to visit Leebong Island, which surrounded by a vast expanse of white sand bank. The unique natural tropical forest richness with unique simpor leaves, combined with mangrove make this island so wonderful. Explore the marine life underneath, starfish laying around , crabs crawling away, etc. Other activities such as cycling and kayaking and other sport activities. You also can visit the tree house in the island.
  4. Island Hopping in Belitung
    Breakfast at hotel. Tanjung Kelayang port of island hopping trip. Pulau Lengkuas, lunch. Pulau Burung, Pulau Batu Berlayar, Pulau Pasir, Pulau Kelaywang. Activities photo hunting, snorkeling (rent gear with additional cost). Back to Tanjung Pandan. Dinner at local restaurant.
  5. Amazing Places You Should Visit in Belitung Island
    Lengkuas Island : This island is part of Belitung has a very old lighthouse that was built in 1882 by the Dutch and still active until now. Other alluring charm of this island is a stretch of clear blue sea with dazzling granite rocks.
    Memperak Island : Memperak Island is not widely known by tourists. This island presents a turquoise sea water and clean with fascinatin natural underwater beauty. Snorkeling and swimming are the right activities that you can do here.
    Tanjung Kelayang Beach : Located about 27 km from Tanjungpandan with rock formation like a bird’s head. The virgin sandy beach makes this coastal area often used as a venue for large events, such as Sail Indonesia or Sail Wakatobi – Belitong.
    Tanjung Tinggi Beach : One of the filming location for Laskar Pelangi. Located about 30 km from the city center of Tanjungpandan. This beach has alluring panorama with white sand and granite rocks arrangement.
    Kepayang Island : Located not far from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, there is Kepayang Island. It’s white sand and large granite rocks become special dish of nature. As far as eyes can see, its beauty seemingly inexhaustible.
    Burung Mandi Beach : Located in East Belitung, but unlike the other beaches in the area, there are no giant granite rocks on this beach, but hundreds of pine trees that bordered the beach from mainland with background view of Mount Burung Mandi.
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